“Perception is Reality” in the world of managing facilities. 

I’ve finally stopped telling myself that my hard work matters to my facility users. Truthfully, facility users couldn’t care less how noble and honorable my intentions are. Facility users see only the results of my efforts—and then only from their point of view. 

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You know the feeling. Months go by. All is running well. You are “on top of the thing.” Then, the air handler goes out in the administrative building. The repairs take much longer than you anticipate. Employees are sent home because it is too hot to work.  Upon further investigation, you find out your subcontractor dropped the ball by not performing the PMs you’ve already paid him to do. 

Does this little story sound familiar? Instead of an air handler, maybe it was a dirty restroom. Maybe weeds are taking over the flowerbed. Or maybe the pest-control guy “over-sprayed” and people became sick. In our world of facilities, our reputation is only as good as the worst subcontractor we are using.

Unfortunately, the process of hiring a subcontractor typically comes down to the selection of the low-cost provider, as opposed to the value provided to you and your company. The low-cost provider generally comes with “other baggage.” As a result, you spend your time chasing him because he dropped the ball—again!

These same subcontractors reflect negatively on others’ perceptions of your managerial effectiveness. Unless you find a way to hold under performing subcontractors accountable, your company will likely continue to employ “the low-cost subcontractor business model” for lack of a “defensible” alternative.

People who work with me hear me say,  “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” The application of this phrase with your subcontractors will help you take the “defensible” steps to finally fire the under performers. Imagine how you’ll feel being freed up because you no longer have to track down and haggle with under performers.

I have found using a “Subcontractor Scorecard” saves me a ton of time in measuring performance. It allows me to rank subcontractors and systematically replace the bottom 20 percent. See below for a link to this fabulous tool. (I have been using it for over 20 years. It’s a huge time-saver!)

Remember, Perception Is Reality in Facility Management.

How are your under performing subcontractors affecting your image? If your business model for subcontractor selection is “take low-cost provider,”  the perception of your managerial effectiveness is probably the result of your worst subcontractors. But it doesn’t have to be.  Use my Subcontractor Scorecard and get started now keeping score on your subcontractors. Remember, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

To improve your facility image, use subcontractors that provide value and, as a result, give you back some of your precious time.  

Do you really believe your subcontractors will improve on their own? Click the link below to get my Subcontractor Scorecard. Put it to work now and see results in the coming weeks.

Download your FREE Facility Subcontractor Scorecard.