FOMA – Facility Operations and Maintenance Analysis

FOMA is the first step toward optimizing the performance of your building. We gather data, interview building occupants and maintenance personnel, and conduct a walk-through to see your entire facility and operations. We focus specifically on four facility related functions: utility consumption & costs; janitorial services and costs; maintenance services and costs; and facility-related procurement and facility-related inventory management.

FOMA allows us to understand your current O&M practices, why you use particular strategies, and any significant problems for the building staff and building occupants. Our FOMA provides a solid evaluation of your O&M program and reveals where you can implement cost-effective improvements.

With an FME FOMA, you’ll find the “low-hanging fruit” for immediate savings. You’ll get options, including actions you can take on your own, with little or no cost for implementation. Your assessment will include:

  • Understanding of your HVAC usage and the potential for economizer efficiency and other system improvements, such as zones and dampers.
  • Assessment of your building envelope, especially as it relates to energy consumption during seasonal heating-and-cooling changeovers. You’ll know your R-values and extent of infiltration around windows and doors.
  • Evaluation of your electricity consumption for lighting and the relative advantages of sensor controls.

Monitoring & verification of energy management

Essential Assessment Steps

FOMA follows a systematic process to arrive at a reasoned course of action.

We begin by getting to know your building. We review original drawings and systems information. If we need additional information for a complete picture, we will request if from you. (If you prefer, we can perform this additional investigation for a fee.) Once the building’s background is complete, we survey occupants on its environmental conditions.

Next, we interview operations and maintenance personnel to know how they run the systems and what preventive maintenance they perform.

Finally, we conduct a walk-through of the building.

We put data loggers in place for 7 to 10 days, measuring heat, humidity, light, CO2, and other performance-related variables.

We evaluate power consumption in every room, e.g., space heaters, fans, coffee pots, to determine the plug load.

We create a computerized model of the building to predict energy use within 5 percent. This prediction becomes our baseline for performance improvement – and a yardstick for our guarantee.

Options with facility operations and maintenance analysis