FME FREE Energy Benchmark

Know Where You Stand – and How Much You Stand to Gain

With FME’s free Energy Benchmark product, you’ll get an accurate reading of your building’s energy appetite. It’s a quick way to set realistic targets, rule out unnecessary actions, and identify the potential for significant, immediate improvements in your building’s energy performance.

How FME Conducts Energy Benchmarks

We trust the proven accuracy of the Energy Startm program, a cooperative effort between the US Department of Energy and the EPA. Using the Energy Star portfolio tool, we track and measure your energy and water consumption to arrive at your building’s energy performance rating. You’ll see how you compare with peers in your industry, and with similar buildings across the nation.

Compare your energy usage with your industry peers

What Next?

Based on the results of your energy benchmarking, you’ll have a solid basis for actions to achieve energy savings and improve your rating. We’ll also present the potential benefits of an energy assessment and/or energy audit. We’ll spell out the options clearly, so you can make the decisions that best serve your operations goals.

The Best Part – It’s Absolutely FREE.

Get Your FREE Energy Benchmark Now You’ll soon know how much you stand to save each month. We’ll make sure your light bulbs—and every other part of your building-pay you.