Does constantly dealing with facility-related issues distract you from the work you SHOULD be doing?

With Facility as a Service, FME proactively executes all facility services for you!

Typical Delivery of Facility Services

  • Poor performing subcontractors ‘hang on’ because there is no established subcontractor & vendor performance program.
  • Facility assets continue to fail, are fixed, and then fail again and end up being prematurely replaced.
  • The facility users who are the ‘squeaky wheel’ use the most of your resources (manpower, materials & money).
  • The facility budget has been cut, again – your response is to cut servics, again!

Facility Management as a Service

  • Delivery of only the facility services you need, when you need them, at a predetrmined price. Need 2 hours work, get 2 hours work. Why pay for 8 hours when only 2 is needed?
  • Single point of accountability for all facility services. No ‘finger-pointing’ among facility subcontractors pinning the blame elsewhere.
  • Cloud based software program to manage all day to day facility related activities in addition to the short term and long term planning activities. Become a proactive facility.
  • ‘Peace of mind’ – Facility assets will meet/exced standard useful life, facility users are satisfied/safe, facility costs are controlled/optimized and work is completed effectively/efficiently.