Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance

You learned those facility maintenance issues were avoidable

Reactive Maintenance

  • Ignores all equipment, including ‘mission critical’ until something fails
  • Forces you to make facility repairs when failure occurs
  • Saddled with rush fees for facility parts and overtime
  • Wastes time and money on facility repairs that were largely unavoidable
  • Becomes a major source of distraction for senior management
  • Risks alienating clients and diminishing your brand
'Peace of Mind' with Facility Management as a Service


Proactive Maintenance

  • Greatly reduces unexpected equipment failures by scheduling regular inspections and tending to small problems before they become big ones
  • Lets your plan major facility repairs so that parts, tools, and work histories are on hand before overtime work begins
  • Maintains consistently pleasant experience for facility users. This is vital since a clients impression of your facility is linked to your brand perception.


It is common that people hired for one skill, like managing a bank, are by necessity suddenly responsible for also managing their facility systems.

If you are like most, you haven’t realized there was a solution to your dilemma – because until now – there wasn’t one FMaaS is the perfect combination of facility management software and real facility service giving you a single source of accountability

If you have neither the time nor desire to administer a PROACTIVE approach to facility maintenance, talk to us about FMaaS