Facility Administration

Facility Administration

Are your facility administration activities meeting your needs?

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!

Are you managing your facility services like a businessman?


Your A/C went down at the same time the water heater quit working.


Workers physically went to both locations, identified scope at both locations, identified parts required for both, searched warehouse for parts, ended up going to supply house to get the parts at retail price

By end of second day, both projects were fixed & 14 hours were logged

Only 3.5 hours in actual ‘wrench time’

10.5 hours spent checking inventory, locating suppliers, going to get parts

Facility users without A/C for 8 hours


Both problems repaired in 5 hours due to utilization of the facility administration system

Labor rates were not paid on these projects for the additional nine hours

You discovered all required parts were in house and location identified

Parts previously purchased as part of volume discount purchase

Activities are documented so performance feedback readily available