Energy Audit

Energy Audit projects pay for themselves!

FME Energy Audit

Hit your ROI Targets

With FME’s Energy Audit, you get a proven means to tackle capital-intensive projects. These might include replacing windows on the southern face of a building, installing new task lighting throughout, or upgrading HVAC systems for efficiency. Which projects do you prioritize?

FME’s Energy Audit Report will propose projects that meet your ROI threshold and prioritize those with the greatest potential return. If you choose, FME will manage the projects for you. Using monitors we build into auditing, we can verify system performance and substantiate your savings. We’ll keep the system optimized throughout, which is essential to achieving the expected performance.

Projects Pay for Themselves

You can take the business case from FME Energy Audits “to the bank.” FME maintains longstanding relationships with financial institutions that understand the payback from energy-audited projects. Based on these relationships, FME can act as a facilitator to secure the funding you need to move forward. Generally, the projects we propose will pay for themselves.