Done For You

You need Facility Administration if:

Craftsman and contractors spend too much time looking for facility inventory and running errands instead of turning wrenches.

Facility purchases are made one or two items at a time rather than leveraging the superior buying power of a large group.

Staff paid for physical inventories and property taxes are paid on lost or duplicate items. Facility storage locations are not maintained.

Poor performing contractors are repeatedly called back becuase there is no way to establish their effectiveness.

Step 1. Planning & Scheduling.

Typical Work Efficiencies

  • 30-50% without Planning & Scheduling

  • 60-80% with Planning & Scheduling

  • Imagine getting twice the work without increasing staff

Step 2. Purchasing.

Combine & Conquer.

Leverage FME’s buying power to lower costs of all your purchases. FME aggregates purchases from participating clients to maximize buying power for you.

Step 3. Inventory Management.

Online Centralized Inventory Management

It reduces costs associated with:

  • Storing obsolete parts.

  • Storing redudant parts.

  • Paying property taxes on parts you may never use.

  • Purchasing parts you already have warehoused.

Are you serious about making your facility management operations easier?

Are you frustated with the results achieved from your current facility management program?

Do you find your facilities are taking more of your valuable time, time you cannot afford to give?