Tax Savings Are Available

For Your Commercial Property

But, You Have To Claim Your Tax Savings,

To Get Your Tax Savings

It's your money, let me help you claim it!

  • I will perform a building study and find tax savings on your commercial property.

  • It is an engineering-based cost segregation study.

  • I typically find tax savings of $30-60,000 per $1 million of building valuation.

  • To determine your property's tax savings, I will perform for you, a Free Preliminary Building Analysis.

To start your,

Free Preliminary Building Analysis,

I will need from you:

  • Building use (retail, office, multifamily, etc.)
  • Date you placed building in service for tax purposes
  • Purchase price (less the value of the land)
  • Is it an existing building, new construction, new purchase, leasehold improvement, etc

Click the green button, enter your property information,

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Free Preliminary Building Analysis