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Facilities Management Companies

Why FME?

We offer proactive facility management services

FME’s total approach to facility management services means we look at every aspect of your building operations. We know that “money hides everywhere.” In particular, we assess operations in four key areas: utilities, maintenance, janitorial services, and procurement and inventory. Rather than simply react to problems, we root out the potential for undue expense and return lost money to you.

Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC

For example, proactive maintenance for utilities and related systems includes regularly scheduled checks and procedures at specific dates, based on the calendar and/or hours in service. For the building envelope, we make regular inspections of structural factors and assessments of heat gain and loss, occupant comfort, and energy consumption.

A proactive approach for building and grounds considers, among other things, routine service requirements for all powered equipment. The efficiency of your facility management services depends on access to inventory for timely replacement or repairs, whether routine or unexpected. Will the part be on the shelf when you need it? FME makes sure it is.

Our proactive approach also emphasizes planning and scheduling. These functions are often overlooked in building management, yet they are critical to efficiency.

Disadvantages of Reactive Maintenance

While reactive maintenance appears to offer advantages of low initial cost and fewer staff requirements, it comes with many downsides. It is more likely to result in unexpected downtime, increased labor cost for overtime, and added cost for repairs or replacements. There is also the potential for extraordinary expense when the primary failure causes the failure of secondary equipment or processes. In other words, reactive maintenance forces you to spend more on facility management companies than you should.

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