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Facility Management Experts – What We Do For You

We Find the Money You Didn’t Know Existed in Your Facility

Running a facility can be challenging but finding ways to save money in that building can be even harder. That’s why FME’s facility management services will help you find the money you didn’t even know existed within that space.

Our team of experts is made up of professionals with years of experience and their processes are time-tested to assist you in finding ways to save money. We give you practical solutions that will deliver the results you need.

Our Method to Saving You Money

There’s money hidden in your building. While you may not see it, it’s there. The experts at FME will review every aspect of your facility to find the areas where you have money literally waiting for you.

Today’s facilities have money right in front of them, in their closets, in their maintenance schedules and even in dealing with their suppliers. When dealing with day-to-day operations, facility managers can easily be blinded to the money right in front of them. That’s why our experts will thoroughly review every aspect of the facility in order to find the money you may be overlooking. From utilities and janitorial services to maintenance and procurement, we cover it all.

What sets us apart among facility management companies?

FME’s Facility Value Manager service includes our proprietary CMMS software, is just one of the many facets that make us stand out from the crowd when it comes to facility management services.


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